Re-advertised item. February 2021

Trio/Kenwood HF rig TS930s, including mains lead, microphone and manual. £250. Please contact Stuart G0FYX if interested via gØ[email protected] .

NEW ITEM in blue added January 2021:

Simon G0IEY has his GPO TEST SET, Ohmeter type No 18A 500V, for sale. It is a collectors item. It does all of these type of tests:

Insulation test to 500V,

Loop Test.

Earth faults/wire faults/short circuit faults/open circuits.

Please contact Julia via email ([email protected]).

 ITEMS in Red ADDED OCTOBER 28th 2020. Please contact Julia Tribe on 02392-785568 or   [email protected] .

SIGNAL GENERATOR (similar to Advanced), 300KHz to 200MHz, over 6 freque ncy bands, needs some attention but working, Sensible offers please.

 RS. VARIAC 240V in up to 240V out AC @0.5A (sensible offers over £20)

 ORIGINAL OSRAM BOX containing 25 14v-7w Signal Lamps in Red.  (Sensible offer for whole box).

 1Kohm  WIRE WOUND VARIABLE RESISTOR with ventilated metal enclosure. ( Sensible offer).

 BOX ASSORTED DIODES in metal tins. (Sensible offers for box).

 BAG of 4 EHT DIODES Current selling price £6.25 each. (Sensible offer for bag).

 BOX 39 VARIOUS EPROMS Some for a BBC (Sensible offer for box).

 BOX of 13 MIXED TRANSISTORS, some new with heat sinks. (Sensible offer for box).

 BOX of 32 UNMARKED TRANSISTORS similar to 2N3055. (Sensible offer for box).

 BOX VARIOUS HEAT SINKS, from single Transistor to multi. Too many to list. (Contact Julia or Simon for more details).

 BOX SPEAKERS, different sizes and impedances. (Sensible offers per speaker).

 LARGE SELECTION MAINS TRANSFORMERS, most low voltage out. ( Too many sizes to list separately), Contact Julia or Simon for more details.


11 X R.S. 50 watt (Current cost new including vat is £3.66 each.

1 X R.S. 25 wall (current cost  including vat is £2.42

1 X R.S. 15 watt

1 X CGS 3.3 ohm

3 X unmarked 1.4 ohm

 Will sell separately or complete bag but sensible offers only.


.For items on this next list please also contact Julia GØIUY, if interested in any item. Contact her via 02392-785568 or [email protected]  :

2x Yaesu FT 23R Handies with only one charger unit plus manuals,

7x Yaesu FNB-10 Batteries (some in original boxes) (ALL IN WORKING ORDER & CHARGED).

2x Yaesu MH-18A2B Speaker Mics in original boxes

1x Yaesu MH-12A2B Speaker Mic 

2x Yaesu PA -6 DC Car adaptor/charger units

2xYaesu FBA-10 Battery Cases (to take individual AA batteries), in original boxes

2x Soft Cases plus X1 Hard Case


Watson WSM-270 144/430 MHz (2m ¼ wave-70cm ¾ wave) Dual Bander & Micro Mag Mount. Impedance 50 ohms length 460mm Power 65W max Connector BNC Cable length 2.75m£20 

RS 200va Transformer Stock No.208-579 brand new in box  £20

Maldol HS-50mm Magmount in original package  £15

Nokia HFS-9 Speaker  £10

ZL Comms 50ohm Dummy Load/max continuous 20w/max intermittent 100w  £9

Alinco DJ-193 2mtr FM Handie with manual & schematic diagram,  battery pack EBP-50N, Dry Cell Case EDH-30, AC Adaptor EDC-96, Cigar Lighter Cable EDC-16B  £30

Rexon PL-102 VHF/FM Transceiver with x2 cigar lighter leads  £20

Watson WD-25 Duplexer HF-144/430Mhz (As new condition but missing shrouds for exterior use)  £15

Jaws Mk2 illegal CB (AM) ideal as a 10mtr conversion  £15 (Much information available on Web for advice on converting.

2x Realistic Walkie Talkies 49mhz  £5 pair

X3 VC-25 Vox Headsets for use with various VX models with PTT control   £20  each (Current New Price £49.95)

Watson WEP 300 Earpiece  £3

WH 101 Nokia Clip on ear buds HS105  £2

Yaesu earpiece/mic MH-37A4B in original box  £10

Microwave Modules 500MHz Digital Frequency Counter  £15

BT Freeway 8 Channel Personal Mobile Radios with 38 Sub Channels, and Charger unit in original box. It has a manual, call alert tone, battery low/high warning, volume control, signal transmit/receive indication, key lock, back lit display, headset socket.  £15

Baofeng UV-5R Plus handie, 2mtr/70cm in original box as new, complete with 2x (3800 maH) larger batteries in original boxes, 1x Baofeng programming cable and software on disc in original box.  Lot for £100

Alinco DJ 175 2mtr handie with charger, antenna and manual on disc. £50

Heil HM-12 Audio Microphone, been wired to fit Yaesu FT 897. As New. £25

Trans Model 110 SWR/Power Meter, low/fwd-100w/ref/fs. £8

The next list is from Jon 2EØVVX. Please contact him directly, via [email protected]

WOUXUN KG-699E 4M 66-88 MHz plus antenna adaptor + program lead £35 ONO

4M antenna +  MAG  MOUNT  £5

MS-5 MYDEL Safety hand-free mic fits Yaesu FT817, 818, 857, 897, 450, 991A. Note only for the FT450, buttons up/down don’t work for frequency change. £20.

All the radios are boxed with instructions.

Rod GØERS is having a clear out of his library, and the following books are offered to a good home.  If you would like to examine any of these then they can be brought along to any Club night upon request to chrisrod (at) ntlworld (dot) com.

No payment is required but a small donation to Club funds would be appreciated if you find something useful or interesting on this list.

Many of the books are of mainly historical value, but it’s quite eye opening to see how things have changed over the years. I have given an approximate date and author (where known) for each book.

Please help me save them from the rubbish bin!!!

1950   Encyclopedia of Radio & TV

1950   Wireless Constructors Encyclopedia – F J Camm

1922   Radio Amateurs Handbook

1942   A Class Book of Physics

1940   Radio Designers Handbook

1945   Radio Designers Handbook

1915   Handbook of Technical Instruction for Wireless Telegraphists

1946   Radio Reference Handbook

1983   Penguin Dictionary of Electronics

1987   Packet Radio Handbook

1975   Radio Antenna Handbook for Long Distance

1985   Beginners Guide to Amateur Radio

1929   Post Office Technical Pamphlet – Wireless Transmit and Receive

1983   30 Solderless Breadboard Projects

1985   Beginners Guide to Radio

1943   Radio Laboratory Handbook – Scroggie

1948   Foundations of Wireless – Scroggie

1943   Radio Engineers Handbook

1938   Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy

1953   Naval Electrical Pocket Book

1958   The Services Text Book of Radio – Vol 5 Transmission & Propagation

1978   RSGB Test Equipment for Radio Amateurs

1985   Radio Examination Manual   11th Edition

1947   Electronic Equipment and Accessories

1952   Admiralty Examples in Electrical Calculation

1972   Beginners Guide to Television

1945   Electrical Technology for Telecommunication

1947   Radio Communication Handbook

1967   Radio Communication Handbook

1933   The BBC Yearbook

1920   Wireless  (Approx date)

1972   RSGB TV Interference Manual

1938   Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy

1983   ARRL Call Book – US Callsigns

1984   ARRL Call Book – Rest of World Callsigns

1938   ARRL World Call Book

1959   US Army Theory & Application of Transistors

1920   Wireless Really Explained  (Approx date)

1954   Mullard Valve Data Book

1910   Wireless Telegraphy  (Approx date)

In addition to his “Radio Library” clearout,  Rod  GØERS  is also looking to dispose of some unwanted computer bits and pieces.

All of the items are either brand new or in “as new condition”. The items are too good to throw away and I’m simply looking for somebody who will offer a good home to some of the items

He is not looking for payment, but perhaps a nominal donation to HDARC club funds would be appropriate?

If  you fancy any of the items then please contact Rod at  chrisrod (at) ntlworld (dot) com so that they can be brought along to a club meeting night.

15” Dell Flat Screen Monitor with desk stand and VGA input.

Unbranded full size Keyboard with wired PS2 plug

Microsoft full size MultiMedia Keyboard with wired PS2 plug

Microsoft keyboard with wired USB plug

Primax Keyboard and mouse set with wired USB plugs. Still in box and never used.

Microsoft Optical Mouse with wired USB plug.