Comet Mobile antenna 144/430 Mhz. Model CHL21J. BNC plug.

Other equipment for sale, donated by Linda, xyl of SK Dick G0RPX. All proceeds go to club funds:

Icom R70 HF receiver £180 (final reduction)

Hi-Mound Morse keys 703/803 £30 each

JRC NRD 525 HF receiver £220 (final reduction).

Yaesu YH55 headphones (only one ear working?) £10

If you require more info on any item, or wish to view it, please contact Ralph 2E0HES via or 0742 8176 639.

Also I have a 5/8 mobile whip 2m antenna with magmount base and PL259 plug. £25 or near offer please. Proceeds to club funds. Enquiries to Stuart G0FYX .

And from Tim G1BCR, the following:

1. Communications Receiver, NASA_TARGET mf/hf, am/ssb. output for weather fax etc. Needs 12v supply at least 350mA. Antenna matching transformer included. Asking £50.

2. Bird 43 Thru-line SWR/Power/Watt meter. N-type connectors. Will operate from 5w up. Covers 500 kHz to 2.5 GHz. Look for full details on the web please. Asking £100.

For these two items please contact Stuart G0FYX ( if interested and I will pass message on.

The following copies of the Short Wave Magazine are for sale. Sold on behalf of the Horndean & District Amateur Radio Club, and all proceeds go to club funds. If you require just one, or specific copies, please contact me and I will give you a price. Price for the lot is £40. Contact Stuart G0FYX

1946 – May, Jun. Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

1948 – Nov, Dec

1949 – Complete

1950 – Complete

1951 – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr

1953 – Nov

1958 – Jul, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.

1959:- Complete except for Jul and Aug

1960 – Complete year

1961:- Complete year

1962 – Complete except for May 

1963 – Dec

1964 – Jan, Oct

1965 – Jan

1966 – Jan, Nov

1968 – May

1969 – Jul, Dec.

1972 – Complete year

1973 – Complete year.