If you require more info on any item, or wish to view it, please contact Julia G0IUY via  juliatribe@ntlworld.com or 07929 223432.

Comet Mobile antenna 144/430 Mhz. Model CHL21J. BNC plug.

Equipment for sale, donated by Linda, xyl of SK Dick G0RPX. All proceeds go to club funds:

Icom R70 HF receiver£180
Hi-Mound Morse keys 703/803£30 each
JRC NRD 525 HF receiver£220
Yaesu YH55 headphones (only one ear working?)£10

Radio Equipment for sale from M0JTN, Contact 07797464877.
All equipment listed is from a non smoking home

ICOM 820H Dual Band VHF/UHF FM/SSB all mode transceiver with Microphone, includes UT50 tone encoder fitted and instruction manual.£475 ovno
ICOM CT17 C1-V Level converter-communication interface includes power supply and instructions.£60
ICOM PS60 HEAVY DUTY regulated power supply 13.6 v DC current 30 amps, (brand new and boxed)£250 ovno
NIKKAI RP80 Handheld frequency counter 1MHZ-3GHZ, 50 OHMS includes power supply and notes£110
IC0M AH3 ATU£175 ovno

Items added 05/02/2024
If you require more info on any item, or wish to view it, please contact Julia G0IUY via  juliatribe@ntlworld.com or 07929 223432.

YAESU FT 990HF Transceiver with auto ATU, Has been upgraded with a Yaesu CW filter XF.110CN, a Yaesu narrow SSB filter XF10.0M-202-01, a Yaesu XF-10.9M-501-01. Provides up to 100 Watts transmitting power on CW, SSB, FM, RTTY & Packet modes. Provides up to 25 Watts carrier on AM mode.
In very good condition with original box with packing, has user/operating manual & upgrades paperwork with circuit diagram.
There is a dedicated Yaesu MD1-C8 Desk Microphone as new in original box with wiring diagram & leaflet.
Sold as package
YAESU FRG 9600 VHF/UHF (2m/70cm) scanning receiver. Upgraded to Mk5 by use of a Raycom filter module to achieve better frequency accuracy. In original box and packing with power lead, operating and service manuals, with Raycom data sheet. In good condition.£250
ICOM IC-R71/E Communications 2m Multimode receiver in original box & packing, Has a Service/User manual with separate leaflets and a power Lead.
It has 32 tuneable memory storage frequencies. Power Output 1-25W
MFJ 557 De-Luxe Co Practice Oscillator with Morse Key in original packing not opened. It has a non-skid heavy steel base with variable volume control, can be used with a 12V adaptor. It has a description leaflet.£70
DE-Luxe Hi Mound Black Morse key, AK708 as new with leaflet.£50
AOR 8000 Wide Range hand held receiver, 500KHz to 1900MHz without gaps, all mode reception provides AM, USB, LSB, CW, NFM, WFM. In good condition with original box and manual plus data leaflet.£60
REALISTIC PRO-26 1.3GHz 200 channel programmable scanner hand held in good condition with owner’s manual and data leaflet£35
ALINCO DJ 580E VHF/UHF Twin Band Transceiver Scanner hand held with empty dry cell case & charger unit. In good condition complete with original manual & leaflet.£35
Home Brew Low Pass Filter 1.8 to 8MHz.£8
SMC T3/170L Twin SWR meter. 3.5 to 170MHz with instruction leaflet.£20
TSA-6601 VHF/UHF in line SWR/PWR meter for 2M/70cm. ideal home base low power only with leaflet.£15
Nevada Linear Amplifier TC-50DX with harmonic filter 6m/50MHz, 2.5W in 12.5W out with data leaflet. (Could be used with the Yaesu FT 690 Mk11).£30
YAESU FT 690 MK11 6MTR all mode FM/SSB/CW portable Transceiver in original box & packing with manual, battery case pack, strap, cigar lead, dynamic microphone MH-10EB & data pamphlet.£190
ALINCO DR605E VHF/UHF 2m/70cm mobile twin band transceiver, with original manual, mounting bracket, power lead. FMRF Power out Hi 50/35, WLO 5/5.
It has its original lead which requires a new cable or mic.
** (price reflects cost of replacement cable or mic)**
YAESU FT 5100 FM, VHF, UHF dual band 2m/70cm mobile transceiver. In original box with power lead, operators/user’s manual, mounting bracket, spare fuses.£150
YAESU FT 2600M Mobile 2m/VHF/FM Transceiver with mounting bracket, power supply lead, microphone (but needs replacing),. A new condenser mic MH-42B 6pin, is available for approx. £17.
In original box & packing with manual and data leaflet.
** Price reflects cost of new mic) **
DAIWA PS-304-11A 30A switchable variable DC regulated PSU in original box & packing.£55
URICH LINEAR PSU 30A max peak variable output voltage, 3-20Vdc with click stop on 13.8V, main terminals + cigar type sockets 10A max, 2 x quick connectors terminals max 6A combined.£45
DRAE 3-way antenna switch with leaflet£15
Dummy Load Aerial 150W continuous DC to 6Hz£60
BRANNER ST4200 Fold over 70cm antenna£25
DIAMOND NR775 Mini Whip Antenna£20
TSA 5311 Antenna feeder for mobile mount with approx. 4m long co axial cable in original pack as new £10
Kenwood TS-440S HF TX/RX with built in ATU plus Kenwood MC-60 desk mic with manuals & power lead. Also includes dedicated PS-50 PSU & Manual.£430
Trio ATU AT230 with manual£240
Hansen FS-603M peak reading SWR meter 430-440 MHz (70cm) with paperwork£30
Datong Morse tutor with paperwork£50
Simple 2m linear amplifier with paperwork (is a ham radio today kit)£30
Palstar PS30M PSU 3-15V 25A continuous working good condition£60
Avo multiminor Mk4 in brown leather case with probes and paperwork£25
Yaesu FL-2050 2m (144-145 MHz) 80watt all mode linear amplifier. Drive power max 15w with paperwork£80
Welz SP-220 swr/pwr meter 1.8 – 200 MHz with paperwork£45
Maplin ATU RX or QRP£25
Monocor 5S1-5 pwr/swr twin meter & paperwork, 3.5 to 150 MHz£15
Baeofeng UV-3R 2m/70cm Mini Handie with charger & manual working£20
Alinco DJ-580E Handie with charger & Manual on CDOffers
Iambic Keyer from PW March 1982 with folder of paperworkOffers
Auto Notch Filter from PW June 1984 with folder of paperworkOffers
Kenwood Headphones HS-5 150Hz – 4Khz approx. 6dp. Max 200mw at 1khz. Microphone impedance 80ohms. With manual£40
Pump Zeus Audio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in original box & packing with manual. Comes with built in mic, black zip case, charger unit & USB charging lead. Working.
NOTE: The foam pads need replacing. Otherwise in very good condition.
MAHA/MH-C777 Plus 11 Universal Charger & Analyser in original box with manual£40